22nd Nov 2021

Southern vs. East Africa – Where to go on safari in Africa

We’ve compiled a concise guide highlighting key differences between Southern vs East Africa to help you decide where to go on safari in Africa.
22nd Nov 2021

Luxury Tented Safari in Tanzania

This luxury mobile safari explores key areas in Tanzania, ensuring a wildlife-rich experience, with all the comforts of a luxury lodge and the flexibility to move to the most optimal game viewing areas.
18th Oct 2021

Top Selling Luxury Lodges in Africa 2022

To inspire your next trip to Africa, we share the top selling luxury lodges in Africa for 2022.
18th Oct 2021

Unique Night Experiences in Africa

Our favorite night experiences in Africa at some of the top luxury safari lodges and camps.
14th Sep 2021

What to expect on a safari in Africa

As your adventure draws closer, we have compiled a concise yet thorough guide of what you can expect on a safari in Africa
9th Sep 2021

Ultimate East Africa Safari

Discover three pioneering wildlife conservation areas on this environmentally friendly 10 day Electric Vehicle Safari in Kenya.
25th Aug 2021

Dunia Camp: The All-Female Run Camp in the Serengeti

Dunia Camp in the Serengeti is a female-run camp showing how women can just as easily do the job of men in a male-dominated industry
13th Jun 2021

Top Mobile Safari Camps in Tanzania

Our top recommended luxury mobile safari camps in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
27th May 2021

The Magnificent Maasai of East Africa

As supporters of responsible travel and creating deep, meaningful experiences in Africa, we will delve a little deeper into the wonderful world of the Maasai of East Africa