Botswana Safari FAQs

Botswana’s stark beauty, abundant wildlife and remote regions make it one of Africa’s great safari destinations.

Best time to visit

When is the best time to visit Botswana?

Botswana is an all year round safari destination.

The summer season in Botswana occurs between the months of December through to early March. This period is also referred to as the wet season or green season. The Green Season transforms Botswana’s dry terrain into a vivid green landscape where wildlife bring their young to feed on the fresh shoots while predators linger in the distance. Birding is exceptional during this time and marks the start of the second largest Zebra migration in the world.

April to May is referred to as the ‘transformational season’ and it’s a popular time for photographers to travel to Botswana. Game viewing during this period is spectacular and rates are more affordable. The night temperatures will still be chilly but day temperatures will be mild and perfect for safaris game drives.

June through to October is considered peak safari season in Botswana. The water levels slowly drop and the wildlife gathers in large numbers around the water sources. June to September is also the time when you can experience water activities such as motorised boat and mokoro safaris. The weather is mild and pleasant with the exception of October where the temperatures can reach peaks of 40C/104F.

Wildlife in Botswana

What type of wildlife will we see?

A wildlife mecca, Botswana is home to Africa’s legendary Big 5 – Leopard, Lion, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo. The Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve are renowned for their healthy wild dog populations and giraffe, hippo, zebra and wildebeest are commonly spotted.

Activities in Botswana

What activities can I experience in Botswana?

The great thing about a Botswana safari is that there is something for everyone. Activities range from tranquil mokoro safaris in the Okavango Delta, motorised boat expeditions, walking safaris, scenic helicopter flights, hot air balloon safaris, quad bike excursions, horse riding, community visits, bushmen interactions and sleep-outs under the African sky, as well as specialised activities such as a photographic safaris. Your LuxVenture® Designer will tailor your itinerary to match your interests. 

Can I enjoy a mokoro safari year round?

As the summer rains erupt in neighbouring country of Angola and send torrents of floodwaters south towards Botswana, the Okavango Delta transforms into a lush wetland best explored by mokoro. 

The best time to venture out in a mokoro is between the months of July to October when the water levels are still high enough to explore the waterways. However, this is highly dependent on the annual rainfall. 

Botswana has experienced severe drought for the past few years due to low rainfall in Angola which meant that the mokoro season was cut shorter for many years. This year (2020), the flood from Angola arrived later than usual, which means that mokoro safaris might be enjoyed as late as the end of September this year. 

Camps such as Sable Alley offer year-round mokoro safaris due to permanent water channels nearby. 

Read more about Mokoro Safaris in the Okavango Delta here.

I am a keen photographer, is Botswana the right option for me?

Botswana is the perfect destination for the keen photographer. The vast natural landscapes, dramatic sunsets and spectacular wildlife sightings are phenomenal to capture.

From the months of December to March, the summer rains erupt and transform Botswana’s parched terrain into a lush, vivid landscape. For those looking to work on their photography skills, Green Season offers great lighting.

Find out more about Botswana’s Green Season here. 

Botswana and Families

Should I travel to Botswana with my family?

We do not recommend Botswana for families traveling with children under the age of 6 years old. The majority of the activities on offer have an age restriction; mokoro safaris from the age of 12 years, game drives from the age of 6 years, walking safaris from the age of 12 years. Many camps will also require families to hire a private safari vehicle in order to allow kids to join on safaris. However, most camps offer child minding services. We recommend Botswana for multi-generational families with kids 6 years and above. 

Health and Safety

Is Botswana in a malaria area?

Botswana is a malaria area and we highly recommend speaking to your travel clinic about the required medication prior to your departure. There are a variety of anti-malaria tablets you can take and your local clinic will advise which is the best fit for you. Our selected lodges offer insect repellent and mosquito nets in each room. We recommend that you spray your room when you leave to go on your safari activity and apply insect repellent before you head out for the day.


Do I need a visa to enter Botswana?

No visas are required for citizens from EU countries, most Commonwealth countries, the USA, Switzerland, Israel and Norway. It is however best to always check with your local embassy as these requirements change on a regular basis.

What should I pack?

Most camps offer complimentary laundry services. Washing in Botswana is however done by hand and therefore underwear (bras, panties and men’s underwear) are not included in this service. The camps do provide washing powder in the tents for it to be done by guests themselves. This is due to prevailing local traditions in the country. 

We recommend packing only a few essential items as your luggage is restricted to 20kg in a soft-shell bag. Our comprehensive packing guide will assist you with what to pack for your safari.

I have dietary requirements, what should I do?

Most dietary requirements can be organized provided they are requested well in advance. The camps in Botswana are located in remote locations and thus need time to prepare for the various dietary requirements. 

Be sure to inform your LuxVenture® Designer of any allergies you may have and if you will be celebrating any special events on your trip.

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