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Teeming with once-in-a-lifetime luxury travel experiences, Africa offers something unique to suit every traveler – from gorilla trekking in the jungles of Rwanda to witnessing the annual Great Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti.

As a leading luxury travel company, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We are award winning travel experts and our team is here to collaborate with you and tailor your travel experience to meet your unique needs and interests. 

We’ve compiled a list of our top marine safari experiences on the continent, whether you want to spot majestic whales from land or sea, swim with gentle whale sharks, get involved in marine conservation projects, or dive and snorkel in some of the most stunning waters on earth.

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Africa is home to some of the most impressive and extensive rivers in the world. The scenery that surrounds these bodies of water, and the fauna and flora that call them home, are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Experience these diverse ecosystems like never before aboard floating luxury on a once-in-a-lifetime boat safari.

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It’s no secret that planning a family vacation can be a stressful endeavour – especially in the wake of COVID-19. Our stress-free family safaris are made by families for families and ensure the utmost luxury for you and never-ending excitement for your tribe.

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Solo travel allows you to immerse yourself into your chosen destination without any distractions and discover new cultures to understand the world, and yourself, better. From gorilla trekking in Rwanda to a Big 5 safari in South Africa, Ker & Downey® Africa will ensure that every little detail of your solo safari is taken care of.

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A romanticized destination since the early writings of Ernest Hemingway, Africa’s mind blowing diversity ensures that there is something here for every couple. From luxurious tented camps secluded in the Serengeti to private island escapes in the Seychelles – we’ve got you covered.

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A private safari is on your own terms. With dedicated professional guides and private safari vehicles, a private safari in Africa allows you to set your own schedule and take joy in uncovering the mysteries of the land at a pace that suits you, without groups or tours to keep up with.

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Widely known as ‘The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth’, the Great Migration in East Africa is the world’s quintessential wildlife experience that sees millions of wildebeest, zebra, and other antelope species make the treacherous journey across Tanzania and Kenya each year.

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An entirely different spin on an African safari, gorilla trekking safaris invite you to come face-to-face with Africa’s majestic giants. From securing permits and expert local guides to seamless travel logistics in remote locations – our team of LuxVenture® Designers have you covered.

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From the Seychelles archipelago to the vibrant city of Cape Town,Africa’s uniquely juxtaposed blend of inland bush country and pristine tropical beach destinations make it one of the most sought after continents for adventure travelers. 

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Unlike any other safari activity, a walking safari provides you with the freedom to really explore off the beaten track, without the constraints of roads, and venture into unexplored parts of the African bush.

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Dedicated to responsible travel, our team of experts have crafted a set of pioneering wildlife conservation safaris that place you in the heart of the action.

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A cultural safari invites travelers to discover new cultures and learn the customs of the indigenous people who have carved and shaped the African landscapes for centuries. 

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Whether you’re interested in perfecting your art or learning a new skill, the LuxVenture® Designers at Ker & Downey® Africa can help design the perfect photographic safari that fits your skill set and interests.

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Africa is an adventurer’s utopia, with exhilarating offerings scattered across the continent that are sure to get even the most seasoned thrill-seekers adrenaline pumping.

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With its diversity of landscapes and people, Africa is a rollercoaster of culinary experiences. Like the continent, the cuisine is rich in flavour, exciting and inventive, making use of the incredible abundance of locally grown ingredients, masterfully blended in recipes inspired by indigenous cultures and other influences. 

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Our experience as luxury travel coordinators has long shown us the lasting benefits that travel has on the mind, body and soul of our clients. From guided yoga practices in Botswana’s wilderness to farm-to-table dining on the foothills of the Ngorongoro Crater, there are an endless array of wellness experiences available that will help you press the reset button. 

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A luxury mobile safari in Africa is the ultimate authentic wildlife experience, taking you to some of the most remote and off the beaten track regions of the bush and putting you in the front row of the action for unforgettable intimate experiences with the wildlife.

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Horseback safaris in Africa are becoming increasingly popular and can be tailored for riders of all calibers – from beginners to expert equestrians. Offered in most regions in Africa, a safari on horseback is a once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable and enriching experience.

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Built for connoisseurs of adventure and romantics alike, a hot air balloon safari is the ultimate mixture of thrills and tranquility. This is a thrilling experience, ideal for those wanting to push the limits of the traditional safari trip.

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A fly-in safari makes use of a plane or helicopter to transfer you between locations, saving you time, and offering you spectacular panoramas of the wildest spaces on Earth.

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Your health should be the last thing on your mind when traveling to Africa for a safari, and for the ultimate peace of mind, you may be looking for a malaria-free safari.

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Home to over 2500 species of birds, Africa is a genuine birder’s paradise. From striking bee-eaters in Botswana’s Okavango Delta to the dinosaur-esque Shoebill stork in Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park, bird watching in Africa is as diverse and captivating as the continent itself.

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Trains remind us of a bygone era of travel, of adventures full of nostalgia, elegant comforts and old-world radiance. Luxury train travel in Africa, in particular, is more than just transport, it is a journey through ever-changing majestic landscapes, experienced in total comfort and style.

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