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COVID-19 Update

Written by Lee Kelsall, CEO of Ker & Downey® Africa

A note from our CEO – Travel will stand the test of time

With the emergence of the Covid-19 virus and its current variants, Ker & Downey® Africa continues to follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the government across Africa and the world to restrict the spread of the Coronavirus to the best of our ability. Our pride and responsibility towards Africa and its people is our driving force. We would like to encourage clients to continue planning their trips for travel in 2022 and onwards. This continues to play a major role in the survival of the global travel industry, our local suppliers and the people who depend on tourism for their livelihood. We thank you for your support thus far. We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest gratitude to the doctors, nurses, medical workers, police and armed forces who continue to go above and beyond for us to keep us all safe. We believe that travel will stand the test of time and we urge you to keep on planning.

Our Approach – Transparency. Eyes on the facts. Safety first.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the travel industry has been presented with many unforeseen challenges yet we have and continue to remain positive. This resilience in the face of adversity has kept us going and we are so pleased that we have continuously been able to share Africa with the world this past year. We encourage to you continue planning your luxury African safari with us, for travel in 2022 and beyond.

We have always put the health and safety of our clients, our staff members and our suppliers as our top priority. We have continued to keep you up to date on the latest developments from our side for peace of mind in our bi-monthly newsletters, social media and on our website. If you are not currently subscribed to our newsletter, we encourage you to subscribe so that you can be kept up to date with all the latest information.

We continue to share our beautiful continent with you via Instagram, Facebook and email. Join us on a visual journey of Africa by following us on Instagram (@kerdowneyafrica), Facebook (@kerdowneyafrica) or sign up for our newsletter.

In terms of the health and safety of our employees, we have continued to encourage our staff to practice social distancing through working remotely when they can in order to reduce the spread of the virus within Cape Town and South Africa. We have and will continue doing what is right for our global community by acting responsibly.

What we recommend to our clients:

Clients currently traveling with Ker & Downey® Africa

Our team has ensured that all of our clients who are currently in Africa are following the necessary safety precautions to avoid infection. In addition to this, we have contacted all the necessary suppliers that they will be in contact with (safari lodges, hotels, guides, drivers) to ensure similar safety precautions during their time with them.

New clients

Our travel experts are available to provide any information you require. This will ensure complete peace of mind regarding your travel dates, availability and accessibility.


What are the entry requirements for the different countries in Africa?

Our expert team have their fingers on the pulse of travel to Africa and continue to work around the clock to stay updated. All guidelines, protocols and safety requirements needed for your favorite destinations in Africa can be found HERE.

I’m traveling with you in the next few weeks. What do you advise?

If you are due to travel to Africa in the next few weeks, your travel expert will have been in touch to discuss with you any final arrangements.

What happens if I choose to postpone my dates to a season when rates are higher or lower?

If you choose to postpone your dates to a season when rates are higher you will be required to pay the difference unless we are able to negotiate an alternative agreement with our suppliers. If you choose to postpone your dates to a season when rates are lower you will be reimbursed the difference or the amount will be deducted from your final payment. Some regional and domestic airlines are also allowing one free date change for travelers who have postponed their travels.

I’m keen to book a trip, when do you advise to travel?

We are encouraging our new clients to start planning their trips to Africa for travel in 2022 and beyond. We have enquiries for 2024 already. It is never too early to start planning and we will be able to provide you with fantastic early bird rates if you book now.

Contact us, we are here every step of the way

If you have any questions regarding travel to Africa, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Ker & Downey® Africa travel experts at [email protected]. Alternatively, feel free to schedule a quick Skype call with us to chat in person.

For detailed information on border requirements, Travel restrictions in Africa