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Secure payment options

The security of your online payments and personal details are of the utmost importance to us in this age of  financial turbulence, credit card fraud and identity theft, which is why we aim to protect our customers in a number of ways:


SATSA bonding

SATSA stands for the Southern Africa Tourism Association, and membership is granted only to those companies that have been deemed fit and proper by the Association to operate in travel and tourism in the southern Africa region. The bonding scheme covers any monetary deposits lodged with Ker & Downey®️ Africa in advance of any services being rendered.


Guaranteed pricing

Ker & Downey®️ Africa is one of the few companies based in Africa to provide quotes and accept payments in either our local currency – South African Rand – or in US Dollars or EUR Account, you decide.

We guarantee our Dollar and Sterling prices so our customers are not exposed to the fluctuations in the exchange rate between your home currency and the South African Rand, so you can have total confidence that the price you have been quoted is the price you pay – and you are not affected by the daily variations in the foreign exchange markets.

Our travel designers will provide details of all these payment pathways on confirmation of booking, however, if you need any more information in the meantime then you are welcome to call or e-mail us.