17th Feb 2023

Safari Resorts in Africa You Need to Know About from Cape to Cairo

Discover our recommended safari resorts in Africa, from Cape to Cairo, with breathtaking views, incredible Big Five wildlife, vast landscapes and a luxurious stay.
13th Jan 2023

Ker & Downey Africa’s Best Africa Safaris of 2022

Our team has put together some of the best Africa safaris of 2022 that show off Africa like never before while ensuring a positive legacy is left behind.
20th Oct 2022

The Seven Natural Wonders of Africa

One of the world’s most naturally diverse continents, Africa boasts vast expanses of unspoiled landscapes and terrain teeming with unique wildlife. Seven of which have been coined the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, and for good reason.
12th Apr 2022

Top Attractions in Egypt

Join us as we explore the top attractions in Egypt that span the rich ancient history and natural wonders of this beguiling African destination.
6th Apr 2022


As well as being a vibrant, bustling metropolis, Egypt’s capital city is also home to one of the world’s most ancient marvels: the great Pyramids of Giza.
6th Apr 2022


Aswan is a charming city in the south of Egypt characterized by stunning Nile scenery, archeological temples and the brightly colored houses of the Nubian people.
6th Apr 2022


The city of Luxor is known as the ‘world’s largest open air museum’ and is home to some of Egypt’s most significant surviving ancient monuments.
6th Apr 2022

Best of Egypt LuxVenture®

Discover the best of Egypt on this premium private itinerary that combines famous archeological sites with a cruise down the River Nile.
6th Apr 2022

Cairo + Luxury Nile Cruise

Explore the wonders of ancient Egypt on this 10 day Cairo + Luxury Nile Cruise with exclusive access to famous archeological sites, museums and beguiling temples.