20th Jan 2023

How to be a Responsible Traveler on your African Safari

Our team has compiled a concise guide to responsible tourism practices so you can be a responsible traveler before, during and after your African safari.
14th Dec 2022

Top 10 Recommended Villa Stays in East Africa

Our team has compiled a list of the top recommended villas in Africa for the discerning traveler looking for a luxurious vacation with the essence of home.
23rd Nov 2022

Africa’s Animals – The Small Five

Next time you venture out on safari, shift your attention to the smaller and sometimes more alluring creatures of the African bush. An encounter with the Small Five of Africa won’t disappoint.
23rd Nov 2022

Ol Seki Hemingways Mara

Ol Seki Hemingways Mara, Kenya
7th Nov 2022

Angama Mara

Lolgorien, Kenya
27th Oct 2022

Elephant Safari in Kenya

An elephant safari in Kenya offers travelers the opportunity to see these gentle giants in some of Africa’s most iconic reserves. The experience also provides a chance for people to learn more about the conservation efforts that are being made to preserve this species.
20th Oct 2022

The Seven Natural Wonders of Africa

One of the world’s most naturally diverse continents, Africa boasts vast expanses of unspoiled landscapes and terrain teeming with unique wildlife. Seven of which have been coined the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, and for good reason.
7th Oct 2022

The Little Black Book of New Lodges in Africa 2023

Our Little Black Book of new African lodges opening in 2023 showcases some exciting new additions to the continent’s already impressive portfolio.
14th Sep 2022

The Secret Seven – Africa’s Most Elusive Safari Animals

The ‘Secret Seven’ are a special group of Africa’s most enigmatic safari animals that are notoriously hard to spot, but high on any avid wildlife affianado’s checklist.