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Each year, 11 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean.


Without action this figure is expected to almost triple by 2040.


For only $100, you can help prevent 100 pounds of plastic waste from entering the ocean.


Give back to CleanHub and protect the world’s oceans

It is estimated that over 400 million tons of plastic is produced each year, with 85% either getting incinerated, ending up in a landfill or ending up in the ocean. A staggering 11 million tons finds its way into our planet’s oceans, making up for the majority of marine debris found in both surface waters and deep-sea sediments. 

This alarming figure is expected to almost triple by 2040. 

Certain regions in South East Asia and the Pacific, believed to be generating a large portion of the world’s waste, do not have the infrastructure in place to deal with these unprecedented levels of plastic – most of which are non-recyclable. In these areas, waste management systems are either inadequate or don’t exist at all, and local communities don’t have the tools or financial support to deal with it sustainably. This results in more and more plastic finding its way into the ocean, spreading across the globe, and affecting all life on our planet. 

CleanHub is a company dedicated to freeing the planet from plastic pollution, especially in these vulnerable regions. CleanHub works with global collection partners to recover plastic waste before it reaches the natural environment. The whole process is traceable through their own software, which tracks the journey of plastic from the moment of collection to when it is dealt with through co-processing.

About CleanHub

At its core, CleanHub’s concept is simple: collect plastic before it can enter the oceans.

CleanHub has developed a digital platform that matches responsible brands who want to contribute to a world without plastic pollution with collection partners who run plastic recovery projects in high-impact countries.

Their digital platform enables the large-scale recovery of plastic waste in high risk regions such as India and Indonesia, with a goal of expanding their network of collection partners to Africa and other developing regions. In this process, local waste management companies collect and recover all plastics while being funded by brand partners who want to do their part in protecting the oceans from plastic waste.

Photo | Founders of CleanHub Bosse, Florin and Joel

The process

Recovering plastic from the environment involves three distinct operations.

Step 01 | Collection of plastic in coastal regions before it reaches the natural environment. 

Step 02 | Sorting of plastic into its unique types and especially recyclables and non-recyclables

Step 03 | Safe and final disposal

CleanHub connects all parties involved in this process, allowing you to track the person collecting, the quantity, the quality and the location for all plastic that they recover. They provide full transparency into the data retrieved as evidence for the actual completion of all activities.

About our partnership

$100 = 100 pounds (45.3 kilograms) of plastic collected on your behalf.

At Ker & Downey® Africa, we strive to create life-changing travel experiences that give back to the planet. We have partnered with CleanHub to further our responsible travel offering and help our clients play an active role in protecting wildlife, keeping our oceans clean and eradicating plastic waste from the environment. 

For each trip booked with Ker & Downey® Africa, our clients can choose to donate $100 or more to one of our Legacy Partners. Your donation to CleanHub will go towards neutralizing your plastic footprint by financing the collection and safe processing of plastic waste in coastal regions of high-impact countries like India and Indonesia. 

Not traveling but want to get involved? Contact Ker & Downey® Africa to assist you in donating directly to CleanHub via our partnership to offset your plastic use and prevent kilograms of plastic from ending up in the ocean.

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We encourage our clients, old and new, to band together with us on this important initiative that will leave a positive, lasting impact on Africa. Start planning your responsible safari today.