Great Wildebeest Migration

Guide to the Great Wildebeest Migration in February


The height of calving season

The great wildebeest migration in February is an easy month to predict where the migration will be. This is a period where the migratory animals continue to give birth to their offspring and generally hang around the Lake Ndutu area or east and south into the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where the short-grass plains are the main feeding ground for millions of animals, old and young, with hungry predators following closely.

During February, the chances of witnessing the birth of a wildebeest, zebra or antelope are high, as are the chances of spotting a predator interaction with lion, leopard and cheetah moving into the regions to hunt vulnerable calves.


Hot Air Balloon Safari

Experience the massive herds and enchanting scenery of the Serengeti National Park like never before as you float silently overhead on a hot air balloon safari. Following the wildebeest as they graze below, this experience gives you a truly unique perspective and an opportunity to marvel at the magnificent landscape, spotting wildlife encounters you may never see from land.  This adventure is something for the bucket list and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget!

Where to stay

Sanctuary Kichakani Serengeti Camp

Sanctuary Kichakani Serengeti is a moveable camp set in two locations throughout the year, following the path of the great wildebeest migration – the southern Serengeti between January and March, and the northern Serengeti between June and November. The luxury tents are stylishly furnished with handcrafted amenities all designed to be perfectly portable. This extraordinary camp allows guests to be intimately immersed in the wildebeests’ journey.

Lemala Ndutu Camp

Ideally located in the Ndutu region of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in the south, Lemala Ndutu Camp offers ringside seats to the great wildebeest migration. With 9 luxurious mobile tents, perched on the banks of a permanent marsh, Lemala Ndutu is the place to be during the height of the calving season when there is a high concentration of big predators in the area, preying on the young and vulnerable. The camp is set up in a truly sublime location, capturing all the drama as it unfolds. 

Tent interior at Nomad Serengeti Safari Camp

Nomad Serengeti Safari Camp

The goal of Nomad’s Serengeti Safari Camp is simple: to get as close as possible to the migration each year – and they don’t settle for anything less. The six open-plan mobile Meru style tents and indomitable crew that make up the camp are constantly on the move from one Serengeti site to the next, guided by the massive herds on their mission to seek out greener grass. An adventure, with all the comfort of a classic, luxury safari, coupled with highly-skilled guides makes this an experience never to be forgotten!

Great Wildebeest Migration Trips

Great Wildebeest Migration Safari Inspiration

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