Joe Pietersen

South African rugby player, rhino conservationist + philanthropist

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About Joe

Joe Pietersen is a South African rugby legend. He’s been playing professional rugby around the globe for over a decade and while his current contract sees him playing top flight rugby in Japan, his heart is firmly in Africa. Joe is one of the founding members of Nkombe Rhino – an organization that funds an Anti Poaching Unit protecting some of the last remaining Rhino in South Africa. As with everything in his life, when Joe supports something he doesn’t just do it with his words. Joe regularly visits the Nkombe camp and goes out on patrols with the unit – he cares that much. To top it all off Joe recently found a new way to express his desire to share Africa with the world – through drone videography, and well, he’s really good.

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Joe Pietersen: Rugby, rhinos + drones

We sit down with Ker & Downey Africa Ambassador, Joe Pietersen.

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