Travel with a purpose

Women Empowerment in Africa

Empowering African Women through purposeful travel to Africa with Ker & Downey® Africa.

Empower Women During Your Travels to Africa

As a team of passionate, independent women running the Ker & Downey Africa® operations, we have made it our goal to actively support the empowerment of women in Africa. We offer signature experiences which aim to uplift the local communities of women as an extension, or inclusion to your African safari. As a responsible safari company we value unique experiences, but also experiences which serve a higher purpose to our client, as well as the people who cross their paths on their African journey. We strive to connect our clients with the heart and soul of a destination – their people – and to ensure that the work we do impacts Africa positively.

Who we work with

Project Brave Foundation

In support of women empowerment in Africa through the means of travel, we have partnered with Project Brave Foundation, a non-profit organization focussed on uplifting marginalized women and children in South Africa. Their program provides a fresh start for women and children who find themselves living or working on the streets and assists them with physical, emotional and social support to get back on their feet. Our purpose is to connect our clients with Project Brave during their safari in South Africa – whether this means that they actively partake in a volunteering program or provide financial support, the choice is up to the individual. Read more on Project Brave.

How you can travel with a purpose

Traveling with a purpose comes down to the consideration of the people, wildlife and environment of the country you are visiting. Ker & Downey® Africa has crafted a set of unique experiences to help you travel with a purpose while simultaneously discovering Africa on a wildlife safari in Southern or East Africa. Depending on which destination you are traveling to, our dedicated team will match your needs with our preferred women upliftment organization in the area, and help you leave a positive legacy in Africa.