Since the beginning of time, people have been captivated by water. Drawn to it. It’s one of the most omnipresent substances on this planet. A primary ingredient of life as we know it. It can be calming, it can provide clarity, yet, it can be terrifying at the same time. African waterways are no different.

It’s no wonder that white water rafting down the ferocious Zambezi River delivers us a glorified feeling or that breathing underwater alongside Great White Sharks sends chills down our spines that we seek out again and again.

It’s human nature to embark on pursuits of bodies of water. And African waterways make for incredible journeys. From Africa’s very own mystical labyrinth of dark waterways that is the Okavango Delta to the deep and powerful Chobe River that is the lifeline of one of the largest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. From the alluring waters of Lake Malawi to the wave-crashing shores of South Africa, our adventurists can’t get enough of the blue mind and all the adventure that it bolsters.

African Waterways

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