African Savannahs


There’s something about being amidst the African savannahs. The wide, open spaces. Horizons punctuated by umbrella-shaped acacia trees. Fusions of red and orange drape the sky. The roar of a lion thunders in the distance.

African savannahs are places to enlighten the senses. To inspire and stimulate the soul. There’s nothing quite like cruising across a vast savanna with nothing between you and the land except the 26 inches of your mountain bike’s tyre. The thought of a big cat surprising you keeps your heart rate at above normal levels. Spotting the Big 5 in Africa’s savannahs are truly exceptional moments.

People have developed an innate desire for nature experiences and the African savannahs offer just that – immersive, raw opportunities to experience the land as it was in age-old times. From the stampeding hooves of the great migration crossing Kenya’s Masai Mara to the tree climbing lions of the Serengeti. From tracking elusive leopards in South Africa to the perplexing sand dunes of Namibia, the African savannahs are home to ancient ways and adventures like nowhere else. Our adventurists feel at home on the savannahs and keep returning, time after time.


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