Mount Kilimanjaro



Mountains are particularly special. There’s a certain magic to them. Perhaps it’s because they can be dangerous or maybe it’s because they have the ability to make us feel small. Mountains are teachers. They will instil the virtues of patience, persistence, and gratitude.

Adventure is abound among African peaks. Whether you’re ascending one of the many gruelling African peaks or comfortably watching the sunrise over majestic peaks, raw serendipity surrounds you.

No African peaks are the same. Each presenting unique adventures, challenges and varying moments of clarity. From the strenuous, yet rewarding, challenge of conquering Africa’s highest Mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, to soaking up a sunrise from behind the towering Mount Kenya. From the rolling, jagged peaks of the Drakensberg mountain range to South Africa’s own natural wonder of the world – Table Mountain, African peaks offer an array of adventure and exploration opportunities that our adventurists keep discovering.

African Peaks

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