African forests hold secrets. They’re overpowering, pulsating entities. They’ve engulfed volcanoes and mountains that have existed since before our time. They’re sanctuaries. Places without controls and predefined judgements. Raw. Untamed. Uncut. Adventure-filled.

African forests are uncharted. And lying deep within the Central African forests is one of the most epic adventure experiences available on this planet. Tracking and trekking through these forests in search of gorilla encounters. Machete-wielding trackers clear paths through seemingly impenetrable forest as you search for face-to-face encounters with these amazing, critically endangered creatures.

African forests are mystical places. And, perhaps, this is why people are drawn to them. From the second largest rainforest in the world that has seized the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its surrounds to the undulating hills of Rwanda and onto the “Pearl of Africa” that is Uganda, daring adventure awaits. Our adventurists have acquired a particular thrill knowing that each time you venture into the forests, it’s likely that you’re leaving behind the first footsteps on your path.

African Forests

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