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- Managing Director of Ker & Downey® Africa DMC

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A bit on Marcelo

Marcelo is one of our most seasoned adventurists. Having planned world class experiences for South American clients that include royalty, politicians and celebrities, if you’re looking for the best of the best, he’s your man. His passion for Africa combined with his extensive travels has made him one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to African travel.

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Brazilian born and bred, with a passion for wildlife.
I grew up in the Pantanal area in Brazil, where I developed my love for nature. I always had this wanderlust feeling and after years of visiting Africa I have finally decided to live here and be part of this beautiful continent

Just a few travel highlights

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A quick Q+A

Marcelo shares some tricks of the trade

  • Favourite lodge/hotel in Africa?

    “ Zarafa Camp“

  • Favourite African experience?

    “Sleeping under the stars (Namíbia and Kruger Park)”

  • I travel because…

    “It's the best way to really comprehend our world and what's in it.”

  • When I'm not planning adventures for my clients...

    “I am cycling, hiking, or just enjoying a sunset somewhere (with a good wine in my hand)”

  • Best piece of travel advice?

    Pack light and go further.”

  • Where would you like to travel to next?

    “I want to see the Gorillas in Uganda”

  • What gear do you never travel without?

    “Mosquito repellent”

  • Favourite quote?

    "Life is more than the seeing of sights, it's a change that goes on, deep and permanent in the ideas of living".

  • Favourite drink?

    “Definitely wine - a Pinot or a Shiraz”

  • Favourite Adventure type?


  • What one thing do you want to do before you die?

    "Get face to face with the polar bears"

  • Top Wildlife (favourite wild animal)


Marcelo’s top trips

LuxVenture® Trip

Sub Saharan Kenyan Experience

Experience Kenya's top reserves in one LuxVenture® expedition.

Duration 9 Days
Price from $6,999
When Jun - Oct
LuxVenture® Trip

Okavango Delta + Chobe Safari

Our best-selling six day Botswana safari ticks all the boxes at an unbeatable price.

Duration 6 Days
Price from $2,985 - $4,898
When All year round
LuxVenture® Trip

Great Migration Safari in Tanzania

Find yourself in the epicentre of the world’s largest wildlife migration.

Duration 9 Days
Price from $8,690 - $9,320
When Jun - Oct

Client testimonials

What Marcelo's clients say.

Reviews Peter King Usa

Peter King, USA

Marcelo Novais of Ker & Downey Africa organized a superb safari for us this past May/June 2017. We took Rovos Rail Pretoria/Victoria Falls... splendid experience.

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Emma is a passionate travel designer who is dedicated to detail and service. By working with Emma it will mean finding a travel partner who will give an in-depth consultation to truly get to know you and your interests.

I have a bachelor's degree in Business with a specialty in Human Resources but used all of my elective subjects to study tourism and fell in love with the subject and made it my life's passion.

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"With good email communication from Razaan, our personal concierge, they held our hands all they way, and we were so pleased we booked with them."

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Patrick is one of our most experienced LuxVenture® Designers. Working in the German division, Patrick creates and delivers five star FIT experiences to primarily South Africa.

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Johanna is a positive and hardworking member of our German division. Being both well travelled and a people’s person Johanna puts together incredible trips for her German clients.

Meet Marcelo

Team Member Card Marcelo

The Managing Director of Ker & Downey® Africa DMC has over 15 years of experience operating as a product, operations and training manager within the luxury tour operators in São Paulo, Brazil.

"Marcelo Novais of Ker & Downey Africa organized a superb safari for us this past May/June 2017" - Peter King, USA

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Mariana is the newest and most energetic addition to the South American team. When one reads through Mariana’s top travel moments one thing stands out: passion. She is passionate about travel and experiencing new things. Mariana is a portuguesse

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Sarah is potentially our most epic adventurer. If there’s something adrenaline pumping, she’s done it or planning to do it. Sarah’s a world travelling adventurer that’s all about the experience and the ride.

A designer of luxury travel to Africa. Sarah aims to create magic memories, adventure and once in a lifetime experiences — may you have many of them.

Meet Lee

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Lee Kelsall is our CEO, although he prefers the title Chief Adventure Officer internally - the perfect illustration for the strategy and direction he is currently enabling Ker & Downey Africa to pursue and perfect in the age old safari industry.

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