Ker & Downey Africa Price Guarantee

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Price guarantee

Many tour operators and accommodation suppliers based in South Africa price their products only in our local currency – the Rand. However, when payment becomes due it may be difficult to obtain the currency at a competitive exchange rate, particularly as the Rand is recognised as a somewhat volatile currency against both the US Dollar and Sterling.

Other product and service providers quote their prices in US Dollars or Sterling, but at the time of payment this amount has to be converted to Rand – effectively transferring the exchange rate risk to the customer.

In both these instances your African holiday could cost you more than you expected – and may have been quoted.

For our international customers, Ker and Downey Africa is able to process US Dollar and Sterling payments, ensuring customers pay exactly the amount they have been quoted, giving total certainty on price and the guarantee that there will be no unpleasant surprises when payment is due.