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Things to do in Maun, Botswana

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Are you heading to Botswana for a safari and looking around for ways to spend your time in your arrival city? Look no further, we have the very best list of things to do in Maun, Botswana right here. Our team of Ker & Downey® Africa Adventurists spend quite a bit of their time in this particular neck of the woods, so they have the inside track on all the best daytrips and outings in and around Maun. 

Here is their current list of favourite things to do in Maun, Botswana:

Sunset cruises on the Thamalakane River

Life in Maun centres around the river and nearby delta. One of the most quintessential experiences you can enjoy during your time in this Botswana destination is a sunset cruise on the Thamalakane River. Alternatively, you could make a day of it and head out on a much longer inner-delta boating excursion to experience the varied landscapes of the Okavango with the likelihood of seeing game and a variety of aquatic birdlife.

Sunsetcruise 1
Elephant wading through the shallows of the Okavango Delta.

Scenic flights over the Okavango Delta

To truly understand the vast reach and visual majesty of the Okavango, you really have to view it from above. A bird’s eye view of its watery reaches will provide exceptional insight into its impact on the environment and the vital role it plays as an integral part of multiple overlapping ecosystems. Book a scenic flight over the Okavango during your stay in Maun to gain a deeper understanding of the Delta and its various tributaries. Activity providers like Moremi Air offer various flight options for visitors to Maun and beyond.

Flight Over Od
Plane flying over the green plains of the Okavango Delta.

Go lodge-hopping

Situated as it is in the midst of a global safari region, Maun is within striking distance of an incredible amount of renowned wildlife lodges perched on the edge of the delta. If you're looking to enjoy some genial ambience, delicious food and excellent scenery, a day of lodge-hopping will be one of the best things to do in Maun, Botswana. There are plenty of lodges that are accessible from Maun by car, and many of these venues offer game drives and bush walks for day visitors. We recommend looking into Island Safari Lodge, Croc Camp, Audi Camp and Okavango River Lodge.

Croc Camp
Sign at Croc Camp, Maun.

Bird-watching from a mokoro

Botswana is a country blessed with a wide range of eco-systems that from semi-deserts to wetlands, allowing for an immense variety of bird species to inhabit the country. One of the most scenic ways to enjoy birdwatching in Maun is to do so from a traditional dugout mokoro. Activity providers in Maun such as the Old Bridge Backpackers facilitate a variety of specialty mokoro outings, of which a bird-watching encounter is one of the most popular. Head out with a knowledgeable local poler who will guide you along the waterways and point out the resident avifauna. 

Bird Watching
Traditional mokoro winding through the waterways.

Cultural + crafty encounters

Besides all the wildlife- and river-based adventures on offer during a stay in Maun, there are also plenty of cultural pursuits to enjoy if you’d like to get a feel for the local zeitgeist and learn more about what the local folks are up to in their free time. We highly recommend chasing down some local cuisine at a restaurant like the Kana Jang? eatery at the Nhabe Museum, where guests can tuck into local delicacies with a contemporary twist such as phaphatha stuffed with seswaa for a true taste of place.

Alternatively, head to the Motsana Cultural Centre, where you can browse local crafts, shop for keepsakes and even enjoy some local theatre if you time it right. If, on the other hand, you prefer to get involved on the crafty side of the things yourself, there is the option of partaking in a basketweaving workshop with the guidance of local craftswomen from Botswana Quality Baskets. 

Tradtional basket of Botswana.

These are just a few of the immersive things to do in Maun, Botswana prior to or after your Botswana safari. As African travel specialists we always recommend that the guests who take part in our Luxventure® trips make a point of adding a day or two to their itinerary so they have the time to soak up some local flavour in the countries they visit on tour. Need some more inspiration or advice on things to do in Maun, Botswana? Feel free to get in touch – our Ker & Downey® Africa Adventurists will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Rich Wiese
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Richard Wiese

Richard Wiese is a Cape-Town-based writer with an affinity for Africa, its people and its cultures. He’s realistic of his chances of getting to see every country on the continent, but a man must have dreams. A good sense of humour, quiet nature and working knowledge of all things random, make him the perfect travel buddy. 

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