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Top 10 Things To Do In Botswana

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To describe Botswana any other way than 581,730 square miles of awesome would be nothing less than disingenuous. And to say there only 10 things to do in Botswana, well that’d would be a lie worthy of a lion’s nibble. Here’s our predicament - we only have 1000 words to show you that  there isn’t a place on earth that is more synonymous with the word Adventure.

Here’s where we’ll start: Imagine a country landlocked by South Africa to the south, Namibia to the west and Zimbabwe to the northeast. A place, overshadowed by an arid desert that, in part, becomes a temporary oasis, teaming with the world’s largest populations of African elephant, cheetahs lions, hippos and more.

Imagine salt pans, secret waterways, grasslands and waterfalls… now imagine all the adrenaline crazed ways you could traverse the above. 10 things to do in Botswana...pffft. More like all the things.

Top Things To Do In Botswana 10: Mokoro Safaris

Top Things To Do Mokoro Safari
Mokoro, traditional dugout canoe

In essence, this is the only way to see the papyrus lined waterways of the Okavango Delta from the perspective of one it’s many animal inhabitants. Guided by experienced ‘polers’ in a low lying, dugout canoe known to the Bayei people as a mokoro. Come eye-to-eye with lurking hippos, elephants and nile crocodiles as they stalk red lechwes and rare aquatic sitatunga antelope. Get the most out your mokoro safari from May - June as the weather drys up.

Top Things To Do In Botswana 09: Boat Safaris

Boat Safaris on the Chobe River
Photo credit | Zambezi Queen Collection, Chobe Princesses

Coffee, full english breakfast, side of elephants, please sir. Nothing quite like combining the most important meal of the day (or even a sundowner) with an aquatic safari. A houseboat on the Chobe is an experience that is hard to describe. If you’re looking for something a little more fast-paced and personal, zip in and out of secret waterways with a motorboat safari.

Top Things To Do In Botswana 08: Hot Air Ballooning  

Hot Air Balloon Safari
Photo credit | Kadizora Camp, Okavango Delta

"There is only 1 way we can recommend starting your day..."

Between the months of April-September there is only 1 way we can recommend starting your day. A short flight from Maun takes you to a choice of one of two lodges, Kadizura camp and Mapula lodge. From your chosen destination you leave early morning, are treated to snacks and coffee and an open-air, mini safari trip to the launch sight. Here you are greeted and ushered into the balloon to ensure you take advantage of the calm weather conditions and rising sun.

Top Things To Do In Botswana 07: Helicopter Flight

"...thousands of wildebeest, zebra and flamingo cross the pans in search of fresh grass from the rainwater flooded plains."

Things To Do In Botswana Zabra Migration

In the months of Oct-April the endless salt pans of once superlake Makgadigkadi, are a sight to see. Witness the spectacle from the seat of a helicopter that is the great Southern African migration from just overhead. Predators fresh on the heels of thousands of wildebeest, zebra and flamingo cross the pans in search of fresh grass from the rainwater flooded plains.

Top Things To Do In Botswana 06: Tiger Fishing

Things To Do In Botswana Tiger Fishing
Photo credit | Zambezi Queen Collection, Chobe River
Things To Do In Botswana Tiger Fishing 2
Photo credit | Zambezi Queen Collection, Chobe River

There is no better way to bond with a group of friends or father and son then a catch & release tiger fish expedition. A cunning predator and formidable opponent, these bad-boys can grow up to 6 pounds, require a 9-weight rod and have been known to take animals right off the shoreline. Casting a line is seasonally dependant and is best done in the Okavango Panhandle in late Sept to early November or at the Chobe/Zambezi confluence May - November.

Top Things To Do In Botswana 05: Birdwatching

Birdwatching in Botswana

"Cited as one of the world’s best birding locations, Botswana is home to numerous species of  winged variety."

Cited as one of the world’s best birding locations, Botswana is home to numerous species of  winged variety. The northern wetlands in Nov-March are your best bet to catch glimpses of the famed Pel’s Fishing Owl, Slaty Egrets, endangered wattled cranes, storks and red-billed quelea. The wet season produces the greatest variety of birds as residents are joined by migrants.

Top Things To Do In Botswana 04: Walking Safaris

Things To Do In Botswana Walking Safaris
Photo credit | Time + Tide, Norman Carr Safaris

For a true up close and personal experience, take a stroll with armed guides through the permanent wetlands of Moremi Game Reserve’s many islands. Or take a walk amongst lion, cheetah wild dog, hyena, giraffe, eland and leopard at Linyati Wildlife Reserve.

Top Things To Do In Botswana 03: Bushmen Safari  

Bushmen Safari

For a look into the oldest known inhabitants of earth, a walk with the San Bushman is a true cultural experience. During the harsh dry season, very few living things can survive Makgadikgadi’s arid, dry conditions. However once the wet season approaches the pan becomes a hotspot for Africa’s largest migrating zebra and wildebeest populations. With the rains come the feast and with the feast comes the predators. You’ll need a local to show you the best the bush has to offer.

Top Things To Do In Botswana 02: Horse Riding Safaris

Horseback Safari in Botswana
Photo credit | San Camp, Makgadikgadi Salt Pans National Park

"...a safari experience like no other."

The seasonal grasslands and endless, baobab lined salt pans of Makgadikgadi provides riders with a safari experience like no other. Experienced riders and novices have the opportunity to be part of a guided experience, taken from the perspective of one of the many animals that frequent the area. Learn more of what to expect from a Botswana Horseback Safari

Top Things To Do In Botswana 01: Quad Bike Safaris

Quad Biking Safari

Go full throttle into the unknown on a quad-bike safari across the Makgadikgadi salt pans. Catch glimpses of aardvarks, bat-eared foxes and lions that have adapted to the arid landscape as you disappear into the silence of the once saline superlake.

Contact one of our Safari Experts for some tips and insights when planning your bespoke Botswana safari. 

Or watch our video on LuxVenture® Experiences on Botswana safaris below.

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NYC based, South African transplant, Joey Cameron, is a freelance writer, travel-nerd, natural food enthusiast, personal trainer and brand owner. Characterised by an insatiable hunger for passport stamps and a somewhat strange (non)sense of humour, he can found regularly scanning the skies for ways to up, up and getaway.

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