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Mozambique dhow safari

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Allow your bare feet to leave the white powder sand beaches of Mozambique’s Ibo Island as you are lifted onto an authentic Mozambican dhow. Coast over crystal blue waters as you leave Ibo Island behind you and meander North along the Mozambican coastline. The Indian Ocean your new home, you will weave between the Quirimbas Islands in the direction of Tanzania’s border.

Mozambique dhow safari

A Mozambique Dhow Safari is everything a coastal vacation should be – beautiful, relaxing and experiential. A true sense of exploration is found by those who embark on this journey, with you choosing which islands to circle, set anchor by, and which island will be home for the night.

With a personal chef and crew – enjoy a top class meal as you dine on your personal island for the night, relax and rejuvenate in a hammock as you hear the water lap the nearby coastline and fall asleep under the stars in the middle of the ocean.

Mozambique dhow safari
Ibo Island dhow safari

For either 1, 4 or 7 days the Indian Ocean is your playground. Drop into the pristine ocean water and snorkel or scuba dive, exploring the beautiful marine life and encountering playful dolphins. Enjoy the company of majestic Humpback and Right whales, if you time your visit correctly with regards to their migration.

Dhow safari mozambique

Once safely back on Ibo Island the experiences certainly don’t come to a halt. Explore the Ibo of today and the Ibo of old with excursions specifically designed to reveal the two sides of this historic island to its visitors. Enjoy a guided sea kayak excursion, dolphin safari, nature and bird walks, massage and relaxation treatments, guided night walks as well as world class fishing excursions.

If you would like to get an idea of what a Mozambique holiday itinerary might look like for a solo traveler, couple or family, tell us a few things about your plans and we’ll send you your personalised itinerary free of charge.

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