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5 Perks of a Mobile Tented Camp safari

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Photo credit | Singita Explore Camp

If you’ve been reading up in preparation for a safari excursion in Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya and further afield, chances are you’ve encountered quite a few mentions of mobile tented camp adventures. The type of accommodation is becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason – it’s a truly wonderful way to experience life on the African plains. 

Here are a few exciting benefits of choosing mobile tented camps on your journey to Africa:

01 | Mobile tented camps gets you closer to the wild than ever before

Staying in a lodge while you’re on safari is all good and well, and there are many such venues to choose from in the most prominent camps and wildlife destinations throughout the African continent. However, mobile tented camps lends itself to a truly immersive experience. It places you in the heart of the wild where you can get up close and personal with the rugged beauty of the environment. When you’re only a canvas wall away from your scenic surroundings, you are able to develop a true sense of place, while listening to the roar of distant lions in your 600 thread count bedding.

Mobile Tented Camp Olakira
Photo credit | Olakira Mobile Camp

...a mobile tented camp lends itself to a truly immersive experience.

02 | You’ll be in the right place at the right time (every time)

One of the foremost benefits of mobile camps is that the proprietors can uproot and resettle at will. As such, you’ll find that these camps follow seasonal patterns, moving in tandem with the wildlife that call a certain region home. This way, visitors are always in exactly the right place at the right time to encounter the majestic animals they come to see, the terrain is ideal (some locations can turn into swampland over the rainy season) and animals don’t avoid a given camp’s location because they get used to it. In fact, the animals come so close that rangers are on hand to patrol the camp at night to ensure the safety of its visitors.

Mobile Tented Camp Legendary Serengeti 2

03 | A mobile tented camp is eco-friendly

If you prefer to leave a sustainable legacy when you travel, a mobile camp should be at the top of your list of safari accommodation options. These pop-up destinations follow energy-efficient guidelines and are often powered exclusively by solar power and lit with old-school lanterns at night (also great for stargazing – less light pollution!). Because it never stays in one place for too long, the environment is also able to return to its natural state once the camp moves on.

Mobile Tented Camp Ker Downey Africa
Mobile Tented Camp Savute Under Canvas
Photo credit | andBeyond Savute Under Canvas

04 | Mobile tented camps are intimate

Tented camps normally have a central Bedouin tent that serves as a dining area. This is where groups of visitors come together after a day of adventuring to enjoy their meals and some convivial banter – the ideal opportunity to meet your fellow travellers and share your safari stories.

Mobile Tented Camp Selinda Explorers Camp Bedouin
Photo credit | Selinda Explorers Camp

05 | You don’t have to sacrifice your creature comforts

If you like your luxury accommodation with a side of African authenticity, a mobile safari camp will be right up your alley. There will be delicious, five-star meals and high-quality linen, but you’ll also be using bucket showers and making do without air-conditioning. It is this delightful contrast that makes it so popular with travellers from around the world. After all, when you make your way to Africa, it only makes sense to open yourself up to lifestyle experiences that may be a little outside of your comfort zone.

These are just a few of the benefits of enjoying mobile tented camps on your journey to Africa. For more information on inspiring mobile tented camp experiences in Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya and further afield, get in touch with our dedicated Ker & Downey® Africa Adventurists.

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