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What to expect from a Botswana luxury safari

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Machaba Camp is situated in the game rich Khwai area. The Khwai Concession is a 35 000 hectare reserve situated in the north eastern Okavango adjacent to the Moremi Game Reserve. 

A Botswana safari is like Swiss chocolate, German beer and Italian pizza – a quintessential experience that is best enjoyed right at the source. While a Botswana luxury safari may not be the only way to encounter the African continent’s most fascinating sights, both the New York Times and Lonely Planet put the country on their respective travel hot lists in recent years. The Times named Botswana one of the best 52 countries in the world to visit in 2017, while Lonely Planet crowned it their number one destination the year prior. That's some serious praise from discerning publications right there, and we tend to agree.

Here’s what you can expect when you embark on a Botswana luxury safari:

Excellent infrastructure & affordable rates

No matter how you like to travel and where you like to stay, Botswana has a safari experience that will tick all your boxes. From fly-in camps and tented accommodation right at the heart of the action, to stylish bush retreats and five-star lodges overlooking some of the most incredible scenery known to man, exceptional care has been taken to create attractive, accessible infrastructure for visitors from all around the globe. Tourism is encouraged by local authorities, and rates remain affordable despite the fact that it might be slightly higher than what you’d expect in countries like South Africa.

DID YOU KNOW? Botswana banks accept US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euro and South African Rand in cash. Any cash payments made at camps for curios, or gratuities to guides or staff, need to be in one of these currencies.

Machaba Elephnat Herds

Elephant sighting near Machaba Camp, which is situated in the game rich Khwai area.

The Khwai Concession is a 35 000 hectare reserve situated in the north eastern Okavango adjacent to the Moremi Game Reserve.

Machaba Mobile Camp

Seamless travel & authentic experiences

Despite being home to some of the world’s most remote reaches and pristine parks, Botswana is not hard to navigate when you have the right team by your side. When you join forces with a reputable travel provider on your luxury Botswana safari, you’re unlikely to encounter any difficultly getting to and from your chosen destinations. Additionally, the country is also known for authentic, immersive experiences that allow visitors to develop a true sense of place. From mokoro safaris on the secretive tributaries of the mighty Okavango Delta, to guided walks with Bushmen on the outskirts of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, there are plenty of opportunities to get off the game viewing vehicle and venture off the beaten track.

DID YOU KNOW? The term ‘safari’ is derived from a Swahili words that means ‘journey’ or ‘expedition’.

Duba Plains Delta Landscape

Botswana is known for authentic, immersive experiences that allow visitors to develop a true sense of place.

Jack's Camp is a Kalahari Desert camp, located in Botswana's Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.

Jacks Camp

Strong economic growth balanced with progressive conservation

Thanks to the development of its tourism industry, Botswana is enjoying strong economic growth that bolsters the wellbeing of its people and the future of the country in general. Ecotourism in Botswana is said to contribute 4-5% towards the country's GDP, and to this end its government adopted a national ecotourism strategy aimed at conserving its natural resources and wildlife in 2002. The conservation efforts started throughout the Okavango Delta region and has since circled out to many other regions.

Sable Alley Wildlife

Luxury safari lodges in Botswana take pride in reducing their environmental footprints, often opting for electric vehicles, solar power and on-site grey water solutions to become more sustainable. As such, when you visit Botswana, you can rest assured that you are contributing to a forward-thinking industry that aims to minimize negative economic, environmental and social impacts and generate greater economic benefits for local people and host communities.

Machaba Interior Tent

To be honest, we could ramble on about the countless marvels this exceptional destination all day, but the best way to find out what all the fuss is about it to join our Ker & Downey Africa Adventurists on a Luxventure® trip to this epic outpost. A Botswana safari is one of those pivotal life experiences that will change the way you view this marvellous planet we call home – allow yourself that all-encompassing wonderment.

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Anna-Bet Stemmet

Anna-Bet is a travel, food & wine writer based in the Swartland of the Western Cape of South Africa. She has a chronic case of wanderlust and an insatiable yen to amble down the road less travelled.

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