5th Dec 2018

Cape Sidecar Adventures

With a fleet of over 30 CJ 750 motorbikes, Cape Sidecar Adventures offers a range of routes to experience the city & its surroundings
22nd Nov 2018
african bush camps

African Bush Camps

Founded by Beks Ndlovu, African Bush Camps started out as a guide in Zimbabwe and this is really where their strengths lie
22nd Nov 2018

African Design by Katundu Workshop

15th Nov 2018
bucket list 2019

Bucket List – Best of Africa Travel 2019

8th Nov 2018

Trendy Spots in Vic Falls: Zambezi House & Elephant Café

1st Nov 2018
ethiopia travel tips

Ethiopia Travel Tips

We have compiled a list of Ethiopia travel tips to ensure you’re always in the know on the latest news in Ethiopian travel
25th Oct 2018
diamond diving

Diamond Diving in South Africa

Everything you need to know about our exclusive diamond diving safari, starting from Cape Town up the West Coast to the mineral-rich shores of Port Nolloth
18th Oct 2018
cape town to antarctica

Cape Town to Antarctica in 24 Hours

Everything you need to know about our exclusive day trip from Cape Town to Antarctica, in collaboration with our expert on the ground team
11th Oct 2018

Dar El Sadaka in Morocco

Our latest fascination is the fully staffed & privately-owned enchanting villa of Dar El Sadaka, the wonderland of artist Jean-Francois Fourtou