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An African adventure for every terrain


By definition, Adventure Travel – whether it involves extreme heights; mental endurance; high risk or killer speeds – never breaks its promise to give you the surge of adrenaline you signed up for. But the list is endless, and the need is now. From climbing to the top of a fire-bursting volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo; racing down the gushing whitewater of the Zambezi River, to heart pounding quests in search of Silverback Gorillas, Africa has is it all. We believe an African Adventure is the epitome of Adventure Travel and we have crossed Africa’s borders, high and low, in search of the most authentic African Adventures that will match the interest of any fearless adventurist out there. We streamlined Adventure Travel experiences into a pick of four African territories – Waterways, Peaks, Savannas and Forests, and leave you with nothing but a choice: which type of African Adventurer are you?

African savannas 

The African Savanna is a wild place. It stretches across almost 65% of the African continent and the conditions are harsh. Despite the difficult terrain, these grasslands are home to an abundance of wildlife that are all equipped to withstand its extreme conditions. Although a 4×4 Safari can be a life-changing experience, a multi day trek across the plains in search of the elusive Painted Wolf of Africa (better known as the African Wild Dog) is the perfect fit for the adventurer looking to expand their own horizons. These canines are full of wanderlust and can roam for miles on end depending on how hungry they are. The combination of being exposed to the extreme elements of the African Bushveld; the challenge of tailing a pack of Africa’s elusive Wild Dogs and hearing their faint twittering call somewhere in the distance, will no doubt captivate your inner Adventurist.

african adventure savannas
wild dogs african adventure

"The challenge of tailing a pack of Africa’s elusive Wild Dogs and hearing their faint twittering call somewhere in the distance, will no doubt captivate your inner Adventurist."

African peaks

A study, by Wilderness & Environmental Medicine (2014), on the growing popularity of Mountaineering as a sport and the significant risk of injury associated with the activity, was done on 47 mountaineers from 8 different countries. The results proved that the Mountaineer is both a determined mind and a novelty seeker. The Mountaineer takes initiative on achieving their goals and has the ability to accept and deal with the fears that come with it. On the threshold of the Congolese-Rwandan border lies Mount Nyiragongo, Africa’s giant stratovolcano with a 7.5 mile stretch of the world’s most active lava lake at its summit. After a 5 hour hike to the top of the crater you have the opportunity to look deep into the fissures of the earth’s crust at the molten lava twisting, bubbling and reforming itself hundreds of meters below. For the Adventure Traveler looking for the novel, ‘Kloofing’, a word derived from Afrikaans, is an adventure sport that involves descending down a deep ravine and requires a combination of hiking, climbing, abseiling, scrambling, and bouldering down the watercourse of a mountain. ‘Kloofing’ is similar to Canyoneering but is intrinsic to the canyons of South Africa’s main mountain range – the Drakensberg. The Drakensberg rises to more than 11,400 feet; extends from northeast to southwest for 700 miles, offering a variety of cracks and canyons for you to explore on your African Adventure.

african adventure peaks
african adventure congo volcano

"On the threshold of the Congolese-Rwandan border lies Mount Nyiragongo, Africa’s giant stratovolcano with a 7.5 mile stretch of the world’s most active lava lake at its summit."

African waterways

We understand that this might surprise you, but despite the reality of many regions in Africa coping with a paucity of water resources, the African soil nurtures a variety of healthy bodies of water – if you know where to look for it. From the labyrinth of dark waterways of the Okavango Delta covering the Kalahari floor to the deep and powerful Chobe River that is the lifeline of one of the largest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. From the alluring waters of Lake Malawi to the wave-crashing shores of South Africa, our adventurists can’t get enough of the blue mind and all the adventure that it bolsters. The Berg River Canoe Marathon is a four-day winter water race from the Cape Winelands to the West coast of South Africa that guides you across more than 140 miles on an unpredictable, and at times, dangerous river. To the North, the biennial Lake Malawi Sailing Marathon is a race on the fresh, warm waters of the second deepest lake in Africa. This Marathon is more than just a race. It is a challenge that tests the skills of even the most experienced sailor when the Mwera season’s wind unexpectedly picks up. The next full Marathon will be held this year – an indisputable highlight of our 2017 calendar.

african adventure okavango delta mokoro
victoria falls

African forests

The Albertine Rift montane forests flourish across the borders of six West African countries, including Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These damp and dark forests are characterized by low clouds hanging between the canopy tops creating an ominous milieu for one of the most thrilling African Adventure experiences available today: trekking through the pulsating forest walls in search of Silverback Mountain Gorillas. These critically endangered primates are on the WWF’s (World Wide Fund for Nature) list of priority species, estimating a count of around 880 individuals today. Under the guidance of a well-trained and expert guide that leads you over high hills, below branches, over creepers, and around steep and slippery volcano slopes, machete-wielding trackers clear your path in pursuit of a once-in-a-lifetime face to face encounter with a Mountain Gorilla.

African forests
Photo credit | Eddie Oosthuizen

"The most thrilling African Adventure experiences available today?Trekking through the pulsating forest walls in search of Silverback Mountain Gorillas."


Africa is a diverse continent full of wonder and adventure and we have traversed its Savannas and Peaks, Forests and Waterways in search of the most inspiring of journeys to match any interest. So whether you dream of the wide, open horizons of the African Savannas, or want to conquer one of Africa’s highest Peaks, dare to face the secrets of the African Forests or journey through the Waterways of Africa, Ker & Downey Africa is ready to tailor-make your ideal African Adventure.

Joey Cameron
Written by
Joseph Cameron

NYC based, South African transplant, Joey Cameron, is a freelance writer, travel-nerd, natural food enthusiast, personal trainer and brand owner. Characterised by an insatiable hunger for passport stamps and a somewhat strange (non)sense of humour, he can found regularly scanning the skies for ways to up, up and getaway.

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