• Réunion Island is for the adventurous. It’s a little-known tropical island lying off the east coast of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Truly made up of contrasts.
      • The south side of the island is home to one of the most active volcanoes on the planet, whilst the west coast is enclosed by palm-fringed beaches. Dense forests are spread out in-between. Punctuated by hundreds of serene waterfalls. Overlooked by towering mountains. Pierced with deep valleys. 40% of the island is a National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site at that, and free to explore at your own will. Réunion Island is a thrilling experience.
      • Consisting of a fusion of French, Indian, Chinese, and African, Réunion Island is lit up by it’s Creole community of less than 900,000 people, and it promises a different, interesting and delicious cultural experience.
      • Réunion Island offers experiences from relaxing to the truly insane and is the perfect answer for your next adventure.
      • Opportunities for adventure enthusiasts to paraglide, microlight, climb, hike, raft, and much more.
      • Hike the formidable Piton de la Fournaise, or “Peak of the Furnace”, one of the world’s most active volcanoes.
      • The island has over 1000km’s of hiking trails for you to explore.
      • Discover the canyons and unique calderas, or ‘Cirques’.
      • Explore the beautiful offshore reefs and underwater caves.
      • Hike, climb, rappel, and swim as you delve into canyoning.
      • Visit Voile de la Mariée, an alluring waterfall reminiscent of a bride’s veil.


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