Is Botswana calling your name? One of Africa’s premier safari destinations is famous not only for Africa’s greatest population of elephants; International recognition has followed the world-class Chobe lodges and camps, too.

chobe national park lodges

Luxury is evolving and a high thread count just won’t cut it anymore. Chobe lodges and camps are all about engaging in authentic experiences. We are redefining the safari experience with lodges that go further than exceptional game viewing.

Here are our top-picks for unbeatable safari lodges in Chobe National Park:

Chobe Game Lodge

Undeniably stylish, Chobe Game Lodge is as sophisticated as it is progressive. Well-regarded for being a pioneer in sustainability, the lodge is paving the way to a new future for safaris in Africa.

Unlike some Chobe lodges and camps, this one is located inside the park’s perimeters. This means that you’ll be first to track spoor along the river banks and see predator activity, which is common here in the early morning hours.

A 250-meter elevated platform along the river adds a new dimension to game viewing here. Chobe Game Lodge’s boardwalk is the perfect vantage point to watch the stories of the bush unfold before your eyes.

chobe game lodge

Chobe exploration trips take a deep dive into Botswanan culture, exploring nearby villages and meeting with traditional basket weavers.  The lodge also offers an opportunity to join the ecotourism manager to discover Chobe Game Lodge’s innovative approach to sustainability.

Reasons to visit Chobe Game Lodge:

  • You can ride in the lodge’s fleet of silent electric game viewing vehicles that are not only good for the planet, but also allow you to be less disruptive to wildlife.
  • An angel will be your guide. Chobe Game Lodge is home to Africa’s only all-female guiding team – the “Chobe Angels”

Savute Elephant Lodge

For the private among us, Savute Elephant Lodge may just be the perfect escape. Get away from it all in one of 12 thatch-roof rooms, complete with a personal deck and hammock. Clean and simple, Savute offers more than what you need to be comfortable without fussing over unnecessary details.

Game sightings from the decks are common, but guests can also embark on game drives into Chobe National Park to explore this elephant mecca.

savute elephant camp

Savute Elephant Lodge has a 1,500-year-old secret. An exceptional collection of Bushmen paintings is located nearby. Your trip to visit this vestige of ancient Botswana concludes with a sunset visit to a grove of 13 towering baobabs. This site may be even more impressive than the day’s game viewing.

Reasons to visit Savute Elephant Lodge:

  • Evening campfires ignite conversation from the day’s explorations. Your guides will entertain you with tales from their time spent in the bush.

Chobe Under Canvas

Chobe Under Canvas is not your typical stay. 5 mobile safari tents form a small community of adventurers and seasoned bush-lovers. This comfortable but rugged camp is well suited to travelers who want to break free from the traditional four-walled safari.

Ensuite bathrooms and hot bucket showers take the edge off while still allowing ultimate seclusion in this off-the-beaten track nook of the park. The camp’s isolation from human activity make it easier to track rare species like puku and Chobe bushbuck.

Chobe Under Canvas also allows guests to embark on photographic safaris on the Chobe River under the tutelage of professional photographers. Learn the tricks of the trade to snap the perfect wildlife shot!

chobe national park lodges and camps

Reasons to visit Chobe Under Canvas:

  • Enjoy dinner cooked on an open fire under the stars.
  • Chobe Under Canvas is paying it forward by offering interactive conservation lessons to children and teachers in the local community.

Savute Under Canvas

Savute Under Canvas is the real deal when it comes to authentic African experiences. This mobile tented camp moves every 5-6 days and leaves no trace. Except to see more animals than people.

Savute is touted for its concentration of lion and frequent kills. Hyena clans and African wild dog also roam this territory making for a dramatic game viewing experience. No fences and an obligation to stay alert position this camp for the intrepid.

savute under canvas

Seasoned guides can help you identify spoor and search for wildlife. Given your proximity to nature and intimacy the bush, you will undoubtedly uncover many interesting facts about this ecosystem.

Reasons to visit Savute Under Canvas:

  • Savute Under Canvas’ mobile campsite has a far lighter footprint than permanent Chobe lodges and camps. Each campsite is thoroughly cleaned, removing all traces of waste from the former location.

Chobe Chilwero

Luxurious and set along the water, Chobe Chilwero seems to be as enthralling for human guests as it is for elephants. Expansive views stretch across the dotted islands, floodplains, and even as far as Namibia on the horizon.

A sundowner cruise is a brilliant book-end to a day in Chobe. Sundowner cruises, as well as Chobe Chilwero’s photographic safari cruises offer great opportunities to spot intriguing antelope like sable and sitatungas.

chobe chilwero

Discovering Chobe’s underwater creatures can be just as thrilling as the terrestrial wildlife. Bream and Tiger Fishing is available here on a catch and release basis.

Reasons to visit Chobe Chilwero:

  • Chilwero’s executive chef knows his stuff. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Botswana’s mouth-watering beef. Luckily, it’s the signature dish on the menu.