Justin de Wet

At the summit of Mount Elbrus, September, 2015

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Ambassador Justin De Wet

Seven Summits Club

As the Senior Operations Manager at a little company you may know called Amazon, Justin is responsible for the customer experience of the North American continent. For this small challenge, he sets, directs and carries out his vision with the help of 600 employees at the upper echelon of global talent. While most people would clock out of a job like that and hit the beach or couch to round up their days – Justin prefers training for cold, icy, harsh summits.

The Seven Summits, to be exact, are: Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Denali, Vinson, Kosciuszko and Everest. Justin and his mates, Morkel, Peter, and Dan, have the Seven Summit Club inked into their bucket list, and based on the man’s track record – we’re backing him

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7 Summits: Justin De Wet

Ker & Downey Africa Ambassador Justin De Wet chases entrance to the 7 summit club.


Climbing Mount Aconcagua: debrief

When you start considering -20 degrees as good weather and you are taking out emergency evacuation i...

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